Getting started

Before you apply for finance, you need to decide on the type and features required on your new loan.

  • Amount Required
  • Type of Loan
  • Term of loan
  • Offset Account
  • Line of Credit
  • Fixed Rate or Variable

Required Documents

The following documentation will be required to assist us preparing your finance application.

– 100 point check is required (additional information is required for Companies and Trusts).

Income Verification
– Employees – most recent last 2 payslips or Letter from employer (must include ABN or ANC, income per annum, status and term of employment.

– Self Employed – most recent 2 years FULL tax returns (business & personal) and most recent 2 years tax assessment notices.

Rental and Investment Income

Proof of rental or investment income, letter by agent, rental or investment statements.

Statement of Financial Position

You will need to disclose your assets and liabilities and provide evidence such as copy of title, rates & valuation notices, bank accounts, superannuation and other investments such as shares or managed funds.

Existing Loans

You will need to provide copies of most recent last 6 months statements.

Non-U.S. Investors & Financial Professionals

Visit our individual investors web site or our financial advisors web site for easy access to our broad product lineup, the latest prices and performance data, timely market commentary and much more.

A gift from us to You!

You will know when we commit to You!

At some stage of your discussion, you will be offered a complimentary no obligation residential property report or market analysis. At this point you will know that we are committed to you.
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