What makes us different?

We Care about You

Many firms owned by investment institutions are often forced to promote their own investment products. However, being a privately owned company, we have the discretion to use well researched investments that are right for you!

Strategy to Succeed

It is no secret that many of the wealthiest people seek professional advice when it comes to investing. Avoiding mistakes can have a significant difference to your financial position. The emotions of fear and greed can lead us to buy and sell investments at exactly the wrong times.
Investors who try and time the market often find that trading is expensive – and not just because of the added transaction costs. Research from *Yale University by academics Nicolosi, Peng and Zhu concluded – “investors trade excessively: investors who trade the most earn the lowest average returns after transaction costs. Interestingly, on average, men trade more actively yet perform worse than women. Investors who switch from phone-based trading to online trading also made more trades and earn lower returns”
*Source: Yale ICF Working Paper No. 03-32, November 2003. “Do individual investors learn from their trading experience?”
The secret to successful investment = Vigilant Investment Management and a Patient Investor.
“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” Ref John F. Kennedy.

Tailoring to Your Needs

We understand that different people have different investment tolerances and needs; therefore, your portfolio is constructed to suit your specific requirements with the following principles in mind:

  • Preservation of invested capital is paramount
  • Risk and return are related
  • Returns will revert to long term averages
  • Investing is for the long term
  • Asset class diversification reduces risk
  • Financial market inefficiencies can create opportunities
  • Liquidity and currency are important
  • Investment managers can add value
  • Investment style blending can add value
  • Monitoring is important and market returns matter
  • Fees and taxes matter

Our Unique Investment Process

Meeting the Needs of the Affluent

We dont believe a single manager can be an expert in every asset sector. Our research indicates that using the best in field asset managers provides superior returns and lowers investment risk. Our investment methodology provides a comprehensively diversified approach to wealth preservation and creates opportunity to obtain a higher than average investment return.

Every portfolio we create is back-tested and put through a series of quantitative analysis tests.

Investment Methodology

Our macro approach to investment portfolio construction has been largely influenced by some of the most influential people including Nobel Prize winners in the world of economics. Our micro decision process is influenced by local research houses to ensure that our investments are of the highest calibre in their respective fields.

Nobel Thinkers:

Myron Scholes, Paul A. Samuelson, Harry M. Markowitz, Robert C. Merton & William F. Sharpe.

Other Academic References: Dr Burton Malkeil
A Random Walk Down a Troubled Wall Street: Dr Burton Malkiel Presentation